SE Massachusetts Law Firm Protecting Clients After the Divorce

Divorcing couples sometimes forget to tidy up the loose ends of their divorces. Our Massachusetts family law team at Anchor Family Law helps clients revise key legal documents so they reflect an individual’s new status post-divorce.

Don’t Forget Documents Like These After Divorce

Although every case is different, individuals need to be sure that they have reviewed their wills, medical directives, guardianship plans, and powers of attorney after divorce. Otherwise, your ex-spouse could inherit your assets, make medical decisions for you, and have power over your financial affairs and business.

Remarriage After Divorce: Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

People often remarry after divorce. In fact, 80 percent of divorced or widowed people remarry, according to some statistics. Often, one or both of the individuals remarrying will bring significant assets that they may wish to leave to children from their prior marriage. Having a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can protect these assets and ensure that the parent’s wishes are carried out after you they are gone. Having a pre- or post-nuptial agreement can reduce family conflict that can arise after a second marriage. It can also reassure people who don’t wish to feel that a new spouse may be marrying them only for money.

Establishing Guardianships for Vulnerable Loved Ones

In addition to helping divorcing clients change their legal documents, our Seekonk attorneys help people become or nominate guardians when the mental or physical disability of a loved one requires someone to step in to care for children, seniors, and disabled family members. In some instances, becoming a guardian for a child or vulnerable adult requires a court hearing Our lawyers are highly experienced in such matters and will guide you through the court process.

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