Bristol County Attorneys for Massachusetts Child Support

Making sure that parents pay or receive fair child support is an important part of our legal practice. At our Seekonk law firm, Anchor Family Law, our legal team helps clients with all types of child support matters. Like most other states, Massachusetts uses child support guidelines to establish the support amount paid or received. However, even within the guidelines there are opportunities for variation. Our child support lawyers know how to use the guidelines to establish the right level of financial support for your child.

Child Support Clients at Our SE Massachusetts Law Firm

Our child support lawyers and staff help clients with a variety child support matters that reflect different situations. These include:

  • Never-married or divorcing parents who want to establish a child support order for dependent children
  • Parents who need to modify or change an existing child support order
  • Parents who are having difficulties getting the child support they are owed
  • Parents who are having difficulties paying the child support amount they owe
  • Parents of special-needs children who are seeking a deviation from the standard guidelines to care for their child

In some instances, parents must establish paternity before they can receive or be ordered to pay child support. We make sure that clients understand the connection between a child support agreement and a parenting plan. Whatever the issue related to child support, our family law attorneys and staff can help.

Seekonk MA Child Support Law Firm Protecting Parental Rights

Parents who believe they are in complete agreement on issues such as child custody and child support may be reluctant to obtain a court order for support. They think they don’t need a legal agreement because their relationship is cordial. However, without a court order, parents will find they have no legal authority to stop paying, change the payment amount or ask for more support. That is why a court order is so important, even if you are friendly with your ex-spouse.

We understand how important your child's well-being is to you and we will work hard to help you create the situation that allows your child to flourish. We prompt clients to think about the future of the child. Will they need support to attend college? Can they participate in activities after school, summer camp, and special outings? Should they receive music lessons? These expenses can be folded into a child support court order. Our legal team gathers information about your goals and objectives when it comes to paying child support and works to develop a fair program that benefits your child.

If you have questions about paying or receiving child support, the Massachusetts child support guidelines, changing an existing support court order, or any other issue related to child support, please call at 508-557-1138 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.