Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney in Seekonk, Mass.

Our principal attorney, Jessica Martin, has been helping families with legal matters involving juveniles for many years. Clients in such cases are sometimes going through a divorce. It is common for young people whose parents are divorcing to act out, involving themselves in criminal matters. Other clients come to our law firm directly when their parents realize that their child needs a good juvenile defense lawyer.

More Than Juvenile Defense

At Anchor Family Law, our legal team handles more than criminal cases involving juveniles. We also undertake matters when parents need help with:

  • Regaining custody of their children in DCF child protection cases
  • Responding to DCF charges of child neglect or abuse
  • Petitioning the court to help when a child runs away, violates the law or skips school (Children Requiring Assistance (CRA))
  • Getting schools to complete an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), or to provide a special needs child with accommodations and educational support for autism or spectrum disorder, PTSD or anxiety, language delays, or ESL needs
  • Defending a child who needs to appear in juvenile criminal court
  • Advocating for a child reported to the court for truancy or delinquency

Our legal team also helps young people who have been the victims of neglect or abuse and need an advocate to watch out for their best interests.

Parents Helping Parents with Juvenile Law Matters

Many of our legal team are parents. We are dedicated to ensuring children get the support and services they need, no matter how challenging their situations. We work in Massachusetts family courts and know how parenting styles and changes in custody arrangements can affect a child’s behavior. Our lawyers have appeared in Massachusetts family courts. We have seen how parenting styles and custody changes can affect a child's well-being. This is especially true for the special needs children we work with.

We want to help you help your children get back on track. We can represent you in school meetings and school board hearings, in DCF hearings, and in juvenile criminal cases. We can also point you in the direction of recommended private social workers, therapists, babysitters, and housekeepers, all of whom can help you and your kids.

To learn how we can help you and your children, call us to discuss your situation. Telephone 508-557-1138 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.