I am a retired military veteran. I met Jessica Martin over 4 years ago and asked her for representation concerning my divorce. I forewarned her this was not going to be so easy, given the fact that it was a 26.5-year military marriage. To my surprise, she is a military spouse. During the entire process, Jessica was vigilantly engaged. I cannot speak highly enough concerning her outstanding work ethic, communication skills, professionalism, loyalty, and flexibility to shift gears at a moment's notice. She always exceeded my expectations. Jessica has always gone beyond regarding my incredibly involved divorce situation. She and I during the last four plus years have built an outstanding business relationship.

Open two-way communication concerning any job is key. Jessica completely understands the power of this and has placed this tradition at the top of her establishment. It was an exceedingly difficult, trying, an emotional 3 1/2-year challenge. At the end of the day, we won. I highly recommend Anchor Family Law Firm, and encourage anyone that hires them, let them do their job. Keep the communication lines open and do your best to work harmoniously together.

An example of her exceptional work ethic and friendship. Well after my divorce was final, property of mine for sale via consignment sold. However, once the owner of the company found out I moved out of that state, he would not mail me the check from the sale. I called and spoke with him six times, each time he made excuses. I called Jessica and explained the situation. I personally did not believe given the situation I was ever going to receive my money. To my surprise, one month later, a check with the entire amount was in my mailbox.

I cannot overemphasize how professional, friendly, encouraging, and positive she is. Due to everything she and I experienced, along with belonging to the military, Jessica truly has become family to me.

Dave Iwanicki

"I truly do not know what I would have done with out Jessica in my corner. She worked tirelessly to get a deal in place that was fair and equitable. She was honest with me about appropriate expectations and fought so that I would be able to keep my children in a stable environment. She was truly the best! Would recommend her to my friends… and have!!!!"

Traci Canto

"Finding oneself in the position of needing to extricate themselves from a marriage is an extremely vulnerable position to be in. The first 3 words Attorney Martin spoke to me when I unraveled in her office were like a lifeline to me. All it took was “I’ve got you” and I relaxed, secure in the comfort of knowing I’d just found my way through this awful chapter and that better days were ahead. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone seeking an attorney who truly listens, who follows up, and who is less interested in billable hours than she is in ensuring your needs are met through the entire process. That said, she’s a fierce advocate in court and I was glad she was on my side!"

Kathlenn Masterson

"Attorney Martin is the best, as a fellow attorney in the industry, if I needed a family lawyer myself I would retain attorney Martin!"

James Ostendorf