Bristol County Family Law Attorneys for Military and Out-of-State Issues

At the Seekonk office of Anchor Family Law, our legal team helps clients who are seeking changes to Massachusetts family court orders but now live in other states. Our clients in such matters also include those who wish to have orders enforced when one party lives elsewhere. Moreover, we manage military divorce matters, which often involve one party who lives outside the Commonwealth.

Examples of Cases Handled by Our Seekonk Legal Team

Our attorneys and staff have the experience and knowledge to guide you through an out-of-state or military matter. Whether you live nearby in Connecticut or Rhode Island, or live across the country, our legal team can help. Our military divorce cases often involve people who are stationed around the country or overseas. Wherever you or the other party live, we can help with issues such as:

  • Modifying Massachusetts child support order after moving to another state
  • Modifying alimony awarded by a Massachusetts court after moving to another state
  • Modifying child custody or parenting time orders after one parent moves to another state
  • Dealing with military law involving divorce and child custody when one party is stationed out-of-state or overseas
  • Handling cases involving parents who wish to move the child away from Massachusetts
  • Handling military divorce cases involving a spouse who is a foreign national

It may seem daunting to find legal solutions to family law problems involving a party who lives in another state or country, but our lawyers and staff have the experience, knowledge and determination to get results, wherever the client lives.

Issues in Military Divorce Cases

Military divorces often involve people stationed out-of-state or out-of-country. If one party lives in Massachusetts, or you are from Massachusetts but now stationed elsewhere, you can divorce under Massachusetts law. However, there are special rules for military divorces. For example, military law protects spouses receiving the complaint for divorce while stationed overseas. They may be unable to respond to the complaint, and the lack of response will not damage their standing in the case. The distribution of military pensions as part of the division of property is governed by special rules that do not apply to non-military retirement accounts. Developing parenting plans takes extra creativity when military families our involved.

Our principal attorney, Jessica Martin, is a military spouse who knows the challenges faced by military families. She uses this knowledge and her years of family law experience to seek successful outcomes for clients in military divorce and related.

To learn more about removal and military divorce, call our Seekonk, Massachusetts family law legal team at Anchor Family Law. Telephone 508-557-1138 or contact us to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your situation.